Genius Internship Program - GIP

Genius Internship Program will be the Pilot Project during 2018 - 19 and hence admissions will be open to class 1 to 8 for AY 2018 -19. GIP is a well-designed program which students can do at the comfort of their own home.

Prime Idea and How it Works
The prime idea of the Internship program is to equip the child with right and sharp decision making capabilities using what they learn in their school by connecting it with their own daily life situations.

WGC Genius Internship Program will commence from 18th June, 2018.

Subjects and Areas Covered
The following table indicates the professional coverage of relevant subjects for the respective Grades / Classes.

We are taking a futuristic approach at the students’ level using ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to mould them as effective decision makers with high moral values.


Note : Books, Notes, Links to Video Clippings and other required tools will be provided to them. Internet is required to view the suggested and prescribed videos and related activities.