Instructional Approach & Program Delivery


Our children need to grow beyond the defined boundaries with sharp observation and accelerated thinking skills to make quickest decisions which are flawless and precise. We target it for children. What Euclid did and said 2300 years ago is still valid but many are not utilizing even 5% of its potential.

Instructional Approach

Our instructional approach will be focused on the following domains to mould them real time thinkers and leaders. We never want to know how much they can mug up and vomit out. We are concerned about the right nutrients to nurture them as world leaders who can even control a strong AI robot with accelerated artificial intelligence.

Instructional Approach is focused mainly on the following domains:


Program Delivery

The books, notes and the assessment tools will be distributed through the respective school to all the enrolled students. In case the school is closed or the school is reluctant to distribute it to students as per schedule, it will be couriered to the student’s residence.