GIP Activities & Calibrated Assessments

Complete the internship as per the parameters suggested by us. A student can go beyond the parameters; but never get confined within the parameters. Academic Year 2018 - 19 will prove that the caliber of the student will be different from next academic year.

As you complete the internship, there are many things on store for you.

GIP ACtivities

You can see from the following table that most of our activities are unconventional and innovative.


Most of the occasions, a reverse mode works faster than the straight mode. Using those tools, we facilitate children to apply Mathematics and science in daily life, effortlessly; with pleasant mood.

Calibrated Assessments

Our dynamic assessment mechanism will be focused on how children can approach any situation in life by using their developed ability to:

1. Distinguish a fact from Opinions
2. Compare and Contrast
3. Detect Bias
4. Predict & Categorize
5. Analyze, Sequence and Summarize
6. Infer and make own Decision
7. Evaluate, Synthesize and Generalize

When they develop the above to the desired extent, we can notice everlasting sparkles on their eyes!

With these skill sets, children can redefine their life and invent new theorems for others to follow.