Jeevan Konikkara

Our founder, Jeevan Konikkara strongly advocates the effective application of Mathematics and Science in daily life to make it simple.

He would like to use education as a dynamic tool for powerful social change. He has no concessions to ill-informed criticism or opposition.

Mr. Jeevan has an approach through the straight forward analytic route to the full-fledged empirical route. Areas he has worked straddles the normative, legal, scientific and practical environments.

His interests range from Mathematics, Science and Nature to morals and political theory. His beliefs on the importance of Mathematics in education have proven to be essential for understanding the entire Universe. He would like seek the help of twin brothers - Mathematics and Logic - to reason and develop a more fair and just society that is focused on the equality of individuals established the foundation for modern democracy.

Mr. Jeevan proclaims that ‘Optimum Thinking induces Minimum Work to derive Maximum Results’. He clarifies every practical question with the support of Mathematics and moves forward with revolutionary, yet futuristic thoughts. Often, the kind of solutions he found, the kind of innovations he had to make and the kind of hard decisions he had to take to get things rightly, appears incredible.

As President of World Genius Council, he tried to bring radical changes in the education system. He is popular as one who could explain science in layman’s language. He has developed his own unique style of explaining Mathematics and Science using OOL Concept (Own the Ownership of Learning). Mr. Jeevan won’t give direct answers but force the audience to think and understand the answers with their own conviction to get the right, always!