Ms. Jolly Francis
Member - WGC Global Senate

Jolly Francis is highly creative with strong philosophy on unconventional thoughts. She used to support WGC with her ideas for taking new tracks for every program we launch.

Her good oratory skills and liking for H R related subject finds her invited at various corporate training programs. She jumped enthusiastically into novel management ideas like team-building exercises using innovative ways. She learned to analyze problems in detail and to work with teams on typical corporate planning projects.

Jolly is always regarded as a rising star in management, was being aggressively courted by corporate headhunters.

She is a highly supportive administrator too. Her commitment to excellence should be appreciated. Her insatiable desire to learn more and her innovative ideas strengthen her to achieve greater heights. She is very keen in human rights activities too.

Jolly has been involved in every major strategic decisions WGC has made in the last few years. That includes the new drive to commence World G SET – 2018. She has a unique formula that keeps her work-life balance.

Despite the monumental successes of her career, Jolly Francis remains a quintessentially Indian woman who has combined the high-octane energy of her job with the calm, collected demeanor.