Dr. Sharad Srivastava
Member - WGC Global Advisory Board

Dr. Sharad Srivastava has made significant contributions in the area of quality control of crude drugs/products, chemotaxonomy, bio-prospection and development of herbal products. He has developed quality standards of more than 70 single crude herbs and also identified biomarkers for their quality control, which finds place in The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, A Govt. gazette published by Ministry of AYUSH.

Working in the area of chemotaxonomic studies on medicinal crops, made excellent contribution by identifying best chemotypes of Origanumvulgare, Valerianajatamansi, Hedychiumspicatum, Acoruscalamus, Tribulusterrestris, Centellaasiatica, Gloriosasuperba and Coleus forskohlii which were registered to NBPGR and some of them are under negotiation with industries dealing with commercial cultivation of medicinal plants.

He has also conducted more than Seventy Five field tours for the collection of medicinal plants from almost all the phyto-geographical zones of the country required for different research activities.

Published more than 115 original research papers with total IF# 80.922 in peer reviewed journals; authored 6 books and have 15 patents. 6 patented technologies have been commercialized to industry namely – Herbal Lipstick (Herbal Colours & Aroma useful for Cosmeceuticals), Fruit Based Fermented Health Drink, Herbal Anti-cough Syrup, Anticigarette herbal formulation as an antidote to tobacco and the most recent one is BGR-34 an anti-diabetic herbal formulation.

Honored with “YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD” from Govt. of Uttar Pradesh in 2010. “Saii Ratna Samman” – 2012 from Saii Group of Institution and five times winner of Dr. P D Sethi award. Fellow of Society of Ethno botanists, Society of Ethno pharmacology and Life member of The National Academy of Sciences, India and Royal Society of Chemistry, London, UK. Recognized on national and international forum and has visited several countries like Geneva, Seoul, France and Hongkong to deliver invited lectures.

With his leadership skills, he handled more than 23 research projects sponsored by various funding agencies including NAIP, NASF-ICAR, AYUSH, ICMR, NMPB, DST, DBT, Govt. of France under Bio Asie scheme in the area of research on medicinal plants