Mr. Narayanan Venmaranallur
Member - WGC Global Advisory Board

Venmaranallur Narayanan was born in a remote village of Kanyakumari district, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Bordering Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Kollengodu had very poor circumstances at that time. But he managed to acquire knowledge in astrophysics through magazines. There he studied up to 6th standard. His father later transferred him to Govt. Model High School in the capital city of Kerala.

A rational mind was raging for exposition. Wide spanned reading was interesting to him, than boring classroom lectures of that time. Kerala was witnessing an explosion in book publishing sector. British Council library provided the required books.

Mar Ivanios College of Bethany Hill Trivandrum reared him during Pre-Degree and Degree studies. Mathematics and Physics were the main subjects. Kerala was passing through a reformation time. Atheist and communist thoughts were spreading. Writers and publishers were blooming. Lots of study days were lost due to protests by political student organizations. Tuition centers were rare. That engendered an independent studying in him. Energetic Physics lectures were life giving times. Theoretical studies as well as theosophical thoughts were sprouting in his mind.

During the time, art painting, publishing hand written magazines, cricket was his main hobbies. As students’ executive committee member in Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi, acting dramas and collecting money for the institution, were social experiences. After studies it was difficult to find an apt job at those times. He joined as secretary to the all Kerala Sanskrit teacher’s movement. Wide spanning interests engaged him, and he became a voracious reader. He began contributing essays to the local magazines on different subjects and was happy to see them published.

Experiences in yoga, meditation, hypnotic training and agriculture farming, induced in him a sea of change in vision on life and technique of knowledge. Electronic assembling and software work on astrology (satellite movement calculations) were equal in his mind in logistic experience of knowledge.

He believed that education is not something you learn byheart and apply, but something that should stimulate interest in the existence and apply it. Education is wisdom. It is the training that gives the own way, how to be wise. It should engender lifelong interest in knowledge and its logistic evolution.

He believes knowledge evolved from natural experiences. Even logical thoughts were engendered by the natural cause and effect oriented evolution. Modern education starts from the age of 3, mechanical and job- oriented. It is devoid of natural experiences. It creates a void in the biological existence, and degradation of natural independent thinking. Modern educational institutions and training already polluted the biological life and nature.

He feels every exceptional discovery came from the potent stranded void of mental inquiries. Every student must have the wisdom to experience and dwell in the inner void.