Mr. Joseph Chacko
Member - WGC Global Advisory Board

Joseph P. Chacko is the Founder, C.E.O, Frontier India Technology.

He is an expert in Economics, Elements of Mathematics & Statistics and Geography.

He has worked in various verticals and in India and overseas at executive level before starting Frontier India Technology, a firm specialized in internet content and Book publishing and retailing.

Frontier India Technology began in 2005 to cater to the defense reporting in India and was first ever organized defense reporting from an Indian entity. In 2007, the company began selling books online. The company has evolved to cater to the online content development; publishing of physical books and book distribution.

As a defense expert, he has authored two books on Indian Navy, viz., Warring Navies – India and Pakistan (co-author) and Foxtrot to Arihant – The Story of Indian navy’s Submarine Arm (Author). Foxtrot to Arihant is the first ever book on Indian navy’s secretive submarine arm. Warring Navies gives an account of Indian navy’s wars since independence. He has also written many articles in various trade publications and quoted in media over security matters.

He is also the founding member of Youth Hindustan, a Non-Governmental Organization catering to uplift youth in the country via motivational programs.