Dr. Haleema Sadia
Member - WGC Global Advisory Board

A veteran educationist with a rich experience in teaching and school administration, Dr. Haleema Sadia is a leader cum guide for the teachers as well as the students.

Her wide exposure to Indian and International curricula has empowered her with a diverse and innovative approach as an academic leader. She is a strong believer of "teaching the child and not the subject" which involves experiential learning strategies that foster critical thinking. As a leader for teachers she believes that the goals of excellence in thought word and deed can be achieved, only with relentless determination and a sense of integrity.

She motivates the teachers to earnestly exhort all their energy and dedicate themselves to zealously work towards “In Pursuit of Excellence”. Encouraged by the benevolent leaders of educations she has a cosmopolitan and fraternal approach to create an environment that is conducive to growth that makes an educational distinct in its character and style.

Dr. Haleema Sadia is an adaptable and responsible graduate, having doctorate in philosophy an energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and achieving personal goals. Her present career aim is to work in a selfless and social environment. She enjoys her profession and finds the work interesting and satisfying. The opportunity to learn new skills and work with new technologies particularly attracts her. She is a self-motivated, hardworking, meticulous, organised and capable leader who can easily work under pressure.

Her personality is an amalgamation of all that is supreme in a leader and guide. She has a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. Her main strengths are adaptability, dependability and the determination to get a job done as proven by her varied work experiences in hospitality work, teaching and administration. She

Dr. Haleema Sadia is keen to work in a blooming environment which fosters new skills in her while using her existing strengths and potential to the fullest. She has a good working knowledge in many reputed educational institutions, where she has worked to the highest standards and has an eye for detail with career development and prosperity of her students. Completing her course projects has taught her to provide originality and quality whilst successfully meeting She possess highly developed skills in problem identification and implementation of effective solutions.

She seeks out new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition, strives for quality in everything she does, a flexible and experienced school administrator with excellent time management skills. A good communicator with proven inter personal skills and used to working in a team whilst also being capable of using own initiative. She is skilled in dealing with problems in a resourceful manner and negotiating to achieve beneficial agreement. She is always enthusiastic to learn and undertake new challenges.