Important & Latest Notes

Provisional Results - WGSE 2020+

Provisional Results are available now to allow students for Manual Re-evaluation Facility; to correct spelling and related errors before printing the Certificates and Medals. We extend this to children as the validity of Global Intellectual Index (GII) is life-long and such documents should not have errors.

Parents are requested to note that Global Intellectual Index (GII) will be the most sought after score in the coming years when we extend WGSE to Post Graduate level. GII is derived from all the WGSE scores of the preceding years from Grade 1 to PG. GII is not a one year score. Many occasions due to spelling errors within data, medals and certificates need to be reprinted. Parents & students are requested to contact your school immediately if you find such errors.

Final Results will be published at 11.00 a.m. IST (5.30 a.m. GMT) on Sunday 7 Feb 2021.

Extensive GII Caliber Report of your Result+

WGSE questions are thoughtfully well designed. Hence parents are always looking for the right comments from us. We are ready to use our extensive resources and lead you not only with right comments but guidance too.

We can identify the strengths, limitations and weakness and suggest useful boosters and remedial measures with a comprehensive GII CALIBER REPORT. Identifying the weakness is more important.

This will give them enough armour to conquer the universe. Right leads at the right time are really crucial.

The fee for the Report is Rs. 500 and the report will reach you in 10 – 15 days time. You can use the link below to pay the fees. .

Manual Re-Evaluvation+

We used to get requests to re-check of the answer sheets as the evaluation is automated. Though the automated mechanism is not giving any error, to honour parents’ requests, Council has decided to recheck the answer sheet by manual evaluation, wherever needed.

If you have reevaluation request, please do it before Friday, 29 Jan 2021 as the Final Results to be published on 7 Feb 2021

A nominal fee of Rs. 300 will be levied on such requests. Use the link below to pay the fee.

Genius Internship Program - 2022+

Many students and parents demand study material for the preparation of WGSE. Since it not fair to issue study material and put questions from it for WGSE, we were not issuing it.

However, after enough brain storming, we have decided to go for Yearlong Genius Internship Program (GIP) for Grade 2 to 8. GIP can empower a student to take right decisions at right time considering all the available data.

A GIP student will be the right think tank and a world leader tomorrow. We keep GIP up to grade 8 only as it is not required further as the student will be able manage things by her/ his own, through our concept – Own the Ownership of Learning (OOL Concept)

Hence, students may opt for Yearlong Genius Internship Program. It is a well designed program and we would like to offer it to a limited set of 100 students from each grade / class on first come first served basis. $ batches of 25 each.

Concessions are available for highly scored students depend on their score. Please go the through Genius Internship Program 2022 Brochure (GIP) for details on concession.

Please click the link and read the Genius Internship Brochure 2022 to find out the eligibility and concessional fee.

Use the link below to pay the eligible fee give in the Brochure depends on the student’s performance in WGSE 2020. e.

New WGSE 2021 Registrations - Individual & School wise+

Students should go for new WGSE 2021 registrations preferably through the school. But considering the prevailing conditions, individual direct registrations are allowed this year since WGSE will be held both online and offline mode.

Students can take the test in the online proctored mode using Artificial Intelligence from home. Hence registrations are allowed individually too though we prefer the school route. Such individual registrations will be later on considered under their school only.

Please click the link and read the WGSE student Brochure:

The links for individual student registrations are given below.

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