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Application Procedure for Schools
School Application Form - SAF
CARTest for IX & X
Application Procedure for Students
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CARTest for IX & X
How to Apply for WGSE 2021?

Schools across the world can register their students with us on or before the date indicated against closing date of WGSE, under Key dates on the side panel.

Schools can circulate the online fee payment link/s given by us through mail among students. If the school did not receive the same, please write a mail to us ( for the WGC School ID and the WGSE online notification.

STEP – I : School Application Form & Student Registrations

Schools need to fill the SCHOOL APPLICATION FORM (SAF) and mail to with a copy to

Students can pay the fee online and it will come directly to us with the WGC School Code allotted by us against the School Affiliation Number. Note that the Affiliation number is NOT the WGC School Code.

STEP – II: Students List & Administrative expenses

After the closing date for registrations, we can send the student list and the corresponding administrative expenses to the respective school.

Though students use online mode for registrations and to take WGSE 2021; the consolidated results, certificates, medals & trophies will be dispatched to the respective school for distribution among students.

STEP – III: WGC School Id & Student ID

WGC School ID

A comprehensive revamp is done on WGC School ID to accommodate various global parameters and to make it scalable. Now it is 8 digit numbers beginning with ISO UN M49 Numerical Code. For example, the code for India is 356. Indian schools will have their IDs starting with 35600001, 35600002 ………... so on. We have already mailed you the new ID. If you do not know your New School ID, please write to us –

WGC Student ID in India

To make it easier, in India, students can go for voluntary use of their 12 digit Aadhaar Number prefixed with the Indian code 356 to make it 15 digits. Please note that we use the number only. No proof or verification required. This is to ensure that the student can remember the ID easily.

If students are not having the Aadhaar Number or not willing to use it, leave the student ID blank and we can allot it later.

STEP – IV: Validity of GII


1. Kindly ensure that all students who appeared for WGSE 2020 (last year) are appearing this year too, to keep the validity of their GII score which is derived from all their WGSE Scores. Any break in continuous participation will lapse the validity of their GII score.

2. Please ensure that the WGC Student ID of the earlier students (last year) will remain the same and use it to fill the Fee payment form to draw earlier score to calculate new GII. Hence students used school wise student ID last year should use the same this year too.