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Global Intellectual Index – GII

Global Intellectual Index (GII) is the main and most sought after Caliber Measurement Score awarded to all WGSE participants on a scale of 0 to 9.

From WGSE 2021, the GII will have a detailed report about the strengths and weakness of each participant.


GII can be used for various multi-level applications that will benefit the participant immensely. The following are just a few examples.

  • Campus Recruitments;
  • University and College Admissions;
  • Educational Loans;
  • To award various Titles ;
  • Credible caliber Index in Academics & Career;
  • International Recognition & Scholarships;
  • Recruitment Websites;
  • Admission to Foreign Universities;
  • To bypass various admission criteria;
  • Caliber Indicator for Consultancy Services;
  • To ensure subject proficiency levels without qualifications
  • and many more.


Currently WGSE is open for Grade 1 to 10. For Grade 1 to 10 the Questions are generated from their own syllabus – Mathematics, Science and other common subjects.

From AY 2023-24; WGSE will be extended to Graduate and Post Graduate level. WGSE takers at Graduate Level and Post Graduate Level can choose a subject from the offered 40 and 60 optional subjects respectively.

Further, to honour the capable individuals not having the desired qualification, WGC takes an unconventional approach - Any individual who has completed 18 years can take WGSE, irrespective of the qualifications acquired. Such a participant can opt for Graduate Level or Post Graduate Level WGSE. This participant will get Global Intellectual Index for the Proficiency of the subject chosen at the opted level.

Any participant can have Subject Proficiency GII in more than one subject too. For this, the participant should opt to write WGSE in different subjects at different WGSE dates.


GII is a score on a the scale of zero to nine. It indicates the number of years a student has taken WGSE consistently. Consider the score 5Y – 7.8635. 5Y indicates that the student has taken WGSE for 5 years without any break. 7.8635 is the score derived from all those 5 years.

Please note that the current GII score (5Y – 7.8635 ) is fully dependent on current year's Global Percentile Score and all the GII scores of the preceeding (4) years.

If the participant is not appearing for WGSE for an year, the GII will lapse and it will start afresh when the student appears for WGSE next time. Hence the GII score after appearing for WGSE again will indicate 1Y – 7.3214. The GII of a student who appeared from class 1 to Graduate level without any break will be 15Y – 8.3575.