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WGSE Syllabus & Pattern


WGSE questions are mainly based on daily life experiences and applications of various Subjects. Success depends on answering them by grasping the underlying concepts.

The questions do not follow a fixed structure or pattern. Students are advised to comprehend instructions for each question before they attempt to answer them.


WGSE Question Paper for Grade / Class 1 - 7 consists of objective questions only. But, question paper for Class 8 and above will have two parts.

PART – I will have Objective Questions and PART – II will have a single subjective question taken from Mathematics or Science. You can see the Class wise structure of the Question Paper in the table below.

Structure of WGSE Question Paper

* indicates some questions will have one or more right answers. Read the directions for each question carefully. You can have the detailed syllabus from the downloads section of the website.


Students in Class 11 & 12 will have two parts of question papers for WGSE 2020 - PART I & II.

PART - I is compulsory and it is common for Class 11 & 12 irrespective of the optional subject chosen. It comprises of 20 questions from (1) Logic, 10 questions each from (2) Water & Waste Management and (3) General Knowledge.

And under PART – II, the questions will be from the opted subject. Students need to answer 30 MCQs and One Subjective Question (30 + 1 Questions). Part I & II should be completed in 120 minutes.

Artificial Intelligence is also included in the optional subject as Dept. of Academic Excellence forecast exponential growth in two years for the subject. Though it is not a part of K 12 curriculum now, those who has interest in it will get the first mover advantage. Choose one subject from the following Optional Subjects.

WGSE Optional Subjects for Grade 11 & 12