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WGC ID for Students, Schools, Colleges & Universities


World Genius Council allots unique WGC IDs to Students, Schools, Colleges and Universities. These IDs are unique across the globe.

Students are advised to remember the ID for speedy use, whenever required.


Schools can allot WGC Student IDs to student using their New School ID. The new 8 digit School ID followed by 7 digits starting from 0000001. Hence, the school with School ID 35600001 can allot 356000010000001, 356000010000002 … … Please note that all existing STUDENT IDs will be replaced by us using the same criteria and we will inform this to schools.

To make it easier, in India, students can go for voluntary use of their 12 digit Aadhaar Number prefixed with the Indian code 356 to make it 15 digits. Please note that we use the number only. No proof or verification required. This is to ensure that the student can remember the ID easily. Otherwise, Ootherwise, schools can use the same criteria as given in the first paragraph.

All the answer sheets are digitalized from WGSE 2020 and students need not write their 15 digit IDs in the answer sheets as it is customized.


A comprehensive revamp is done on WGC School ID to accommodate various global parameters and to make it scalable. Now it is 8 digit numbers beginning with ISO UN M49 Numerical Code.

For example, the code for India is 356. Indian schools will have their IDs starting with 35600001, 35600002 …. so on. We have already mailed you’re the new ID. If you do not know your New School ID, please write to us –


WGC IDs are allotted to Universities and Colleges as they apply for the same. Universities and Colleges may send a mail to with a copy to to get WGC ID allotted to them.

The WGC ID will be allotted on the same day by reply mail. Use the ID to complete application formalities for WGSE - 2021.